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  1. anche quelle dei gelcoat e delle vernici si chiaman ricette… SAP impera ovunque (ora che ci penso anche quelle dei coloranti e impermeabilizzazioni speciali tessili son ricette… SAP o mica SAP – non mi manca per niente, SAP ^_^)

  2. Es wird echt immer unheimlicher. Haben die in den Staaten alle MK-Ultra Kinder aktiviert? Warum waren die Lehrer nicht bewaffnet? Lasst mich raten, gun free zone …? free fire zone trifft es eher. Nochmals ein grund warum ich meine Kinde NIE auch nur eine Sekunde in staatlicher Obhut geben werde. Bin echt so was von sauer! Hoffentlich werden diese defekten Psychopathen irgendwann hängen.

  3. problema non sono solo gli uomini di Chiesa, l’infedeltà – se c’è – si annida anche tra i cristiani. Perciò non creda di essere immune solo perché “condanna” lei per prima gli altri.“Mi raccomando poi, fratelli, di ben guardarvi da coloro che provocano divisioni e ostacoli contro la dottrina che avete appreso: tenetevi lontani da loro. Costoro, infatti, non servono Cristo nostro Signore, ma il proprio ventre e con un parlare solenne e lusinghiero ingannano il cuore dei semplici.” (Romani 16,17-18)

  4. "I am so very sick of the po' is me whine. I'm black and you didn't hire me, so you are a racist. I'm black and you didn't promote me, so you sre a raisist. I'm black and you don't agree with me, so you are a racist. I'm incompetent so you can't give me a test otherwise I won't get promoted, cause tests are racist! Equal is as equal does! If you can't cut the mustard try the ketchup, it's called study, read, learn…OMG>>imagine that!"And since Steve Sailer doesn't post all our comments, he must be 'racist'.

  5. Great post, Alan. Great Tipster choice, Scamp.Agree–Chas Firth’s Rolex conversion is a shining example of how brands have to figure out how to energetically engage with the digital medium before they can energize online consumers. As for the ATL vs. Digital creative discussion–reminds me of when creatives were identified as Print Art Directors vs. TV ADs. Advertising is ultimately about CONCEPTS which must transcend choice of media. Ad Agency 2.0 creatives occupy one department that does ATL, digital and whatever the hell hasn’t been thought of yet.

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  7. ethnic cleansing is what you do when are a colonialist, and when your not ethnically cleansing sticking up for ethnic cleansers is also a very good hobby, or stirring hate in some other part of the world pretty good ,also creating massive financial turmoil fun as well, all from the people who think love is hate and hate is love a philosophy to justify their huge amount of wealth and inability to see beyond the material realms. peace to the palestinians and all good men neil

  8. Thank you for posting this important information.I had a history of self-harm related to childhood trauma (physical abuse), and when I treated the PTSD, the self-injury stopped, too. I let myself be ruled by stigma and shame about how I was coping for far too long.

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  11. Rita Pereira is not from Jersey … shes from Portugal. Off course you people from US don’t know where it is …. the world is not only the states but I will not explain. Go see on the map (do you know what is a Map ??? ). She is a talented actress and yes she is beautiful. Remember she was there because they won a Emmy.

  12. AnnG, thank you for that bit of accuracy. Might I add that McCain would have been dismissed but for the benefit of having Daddy and Grandpappy as ringknockers. Sarey needing 5 schools is also odd…as her 'degree' is one not to be confused with 'journalist'.Sociology is not what the high school gradjamates are selling you. It sounds good to them to pretend they know about the subject. But they miss the concept.Mold

  13. Suscribo todas y cada una de tus palabras..pero en la dirección contraria. Eres grande, muy grande Gabriel y que sepas que por aquí despiertas admiraciones…y no solamente en el terreno profesional o divulgativo..que también!No dudes que la distancia se acortará en breve y podremos brindar por todo aquello que nos une..que no es poco.Un abrazoJose

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  17. Right a wide variety of questions coming up but the first of which is what is an anaheim pepper? In the stores and veggie stalls I shop at we’ve got the non-hot red, yellow, green peppers and the ‘kharif’ bin which has hot peppers ranging from green through red (same kind just depending on when picked) mixed together.

  18. Bonsoir,J’habite et étudie à Reims. Je suis très intéressé par ton annonce.J’ai 20 ans et, si tu le souhaites, je peux t’envoyer des photos.Serais-tu libre ce week-end?Tu peux joindre à l’adresse: Je suis libre toute la semaine sinon.A bientôt!

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  21. The wallpaper is GORGEOUS!!!! I may have to steal the idea. We actually have two closets in our master suite. My husband has the one that was in the original floor plan. We converted the den in the original plan into my closet (placing a wall where the door would have been in the hall and adding french doors in the bedroom). I have dark wood shelving units from Home Depot (adam+roth). I just adore the "room". Sometimes, I grab a mag and just hang out in there!

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  23. the NDP policy was bad, I was just pointing out pretty big factual error on their website. I really fail to understand how that « editorial bashing? » I would hope that all the NDP are doing is just watching other parties press releases, but keeping your website up to date and factual is a pretty important part of getting your message out.

  24. Hopefully not. Avy Road Control crew is there when there is Avy control needed, which happens when there is lots of new snow, which is one of my favorite times of year. And, as someone who will be skiing right next door to Alpine, I hope we all have more epic weather this winter.

  25. Dymphna,I apologize for presuming your present behavior would be the same as your past.My present and my past have been a constant. You rudely jump to conclusions about my past actions.As I pointed out to the Baron, it’s mainly been Dead Bambi and Esther who have been obsessing about the Joos and created oversized threads about it.I think Your Highness didn’t look too closely that time either.

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  28. This was my first event ever and was definitely an incredible experience. It wouldn’t have been the same without the amazing support I received from my teammates, Cameron and Amy. They slowed down their pace and stayed with me the whole time (even when I need to walk). Can’t thank you guys enough. I hope this is the first of many challenges together. I’m still feeling pretty beat up, so I guess that means it was a successful workout And, not to leave out the rest of the 212 athletes and spectators – the energy was out of this world. Love all you guys!!

  29.   kathy BartlettJune 18, 2009loved the book, red dust, can not wait for your next one. we live in the riverland in south australia where a lot of people are stuggling because of the drought all we can do is pray it rains. regards kathy

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  44. I’ve been nearly oblivious to what RSS feeds even are for quite awhile so your post illuminated their existence/definition a bit for me. Thanks. It’s like playing an elaborate game of Wack-A-Mole (sp?) trying to keep up with all the different technologies out there. I’m hoping this class will bring me up to 2012 as I’m just sooo…I don’t know…mid-2010, I guess….lol.

  45. thanks for the comment. I've amended the opening paragraph to directly answer the question, and to set the context for how the rest of the answer will be useful to the OP, and to others with similar problems. –  Nov 5 at 10:59

  46. Já percebi que, com o coração a sangrar, não conseguiste estar ontem à noite no Marquês…Eu, por mim, re-aderi ao grupo do Facebook "Os homens bonitos e inteligentes são do Sporting" (o grupo não existe, mas os meus amigos comentam como se existisse e, portanto, existe!).Agora, se o cardeal Ratzinger conseguir acabar a vindima, talvez possas compensar isso com uma presença no Terreiro do Paço amanhã…Já agora deixa-me perguntar: a notícia (e o filme) do mão de veludo e pé leve chegaram aos Himalaias?

  47. Mycket klokt skrivet Gunnar! Jag blir alltid lika förundrad över hur intoleranta liberaler ibland kan vara. Man säger sig stå för tolerans men det tycks bara gälla för dem med liberala åsikter, eller det som för tillfället är politiskt korrekt. Historien lär oss dessvärre att det är just denna typen av tänkande som till en stor del lett till det lidande vi har sett i Europa under 1900-talet./Christopher

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  49. the guy who seems to care what I think har har har. I’m a guitarist too! Isn’t that a coincidence, considering this is a video about guitarists, how ironic!!! (i was talking about jack white tbh, the edge can do one) Calling someone a “poser clown” usually conveys a certain dislike, wouldn’t you agree? Also, I was quoting Michael Jackson, u should have picked up on that

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  54. Great work! Everything looks amazing!! Unfortunately, somewhere in the middle of January I lost my cooking mojo, so I’m just sitting here drooling instead of talking about the good stuff I made. I still have this fabulous book out from the library in the hopes that things will change for me. Thanks for turning me on to it!

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  59. Hi Margareth they are looking good – watch the macaron FAQ video and at 5:14 you can see the macarons from undermixed through to overmixed – yours look like the undermixed ones- the first ones in the picture no foot and with some cracks. Try as suggested in the video piping some batter, folding some more pipr some more… and you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The exact number of folds required will depend on the way you fold and what you are using to fold it as long as you know what works for you remember that and go with it.

  60. That was awesome!! I wanted to go but couldn’t this year. Great photos, great histories, great adventure!!!I couldn’t help remembering my mom when I was 8 or so:- But mommy, Joel’s doing it!- so if Joel jumps from a bridge you will too?I can now proudly say YES!!Keep being legendary man!

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  62. Thanks for the laugh…..exactly, that’s where all the waste is….lmao! An amended propsal is good….very smart move….but as we all know, not enough for the kids…because they need MORE! I have to give him credit for helping shine the spotlight on a topic that otherwise doesn’t get enough coverage:(

  63. Nydelig Petunia. Bildene dine blir bare bedre og bedre. Det ser ut til at du fotograferer en del nå. Jeg husker litt tilbake og da klaget du over at du ikke fikk til noe. Men det kan du ikke si lenger. :-)Ønsker deg og dine en alle tiders 17. mai. Og denne 17 kommer du til å stråle i din vakre bunad. Lykke til med dagen. Klem.

  64. Again, I’d like to thank Emma for being kind enough to be a guest blogger here at Mommy Writings, and for sharing her story with us. Her blog can be found at 3 is Family Advice. If you missed her first three posts, they can be found here, here and here.

  65. Thanks for sharing these and thanks for helping to raise awareness here. I am doing the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Walk next Sunday…I lost a fried last month. Its comforting to know that so many people are raising awareness this month. xoxo

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