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  1. Oh dear – RIP Gilbert, and hope your borrowed trailer tent comes up trumps. Mind you, it could have been worse – my friend's family camper van burst into flames in France this summer. They managed to scramble out, but lost everything in the blaze…Goodness, you're looking as vibrant and lovely as ever in that maxi. Great belt too. Hope you have great weather at the festival (bound to – term is about to kick off and the sun ALWAYS comes back out when school/college is on the horizon!)

  2. this was so beautiful, thank you for sharing. i’ve been struggling with depression for over 30 years of my life. only about 4-5 days out of the month am i “normal” and able to see Jesus for who He is and what He’s done. your blog made me teary-eyed. i also express similar sentiments in my journal – that the economy, our jobs, our families aren’t our “source” – that the only SOURCE in our lives is Jesus Christ our Lord.

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  6. JR- I’ve seen my dad & brother be laid off countless times and it sucks. They’ve always bounced back and I respect them for being able to pick themselves up & keep going. I have no doubt you’ll do the same. I’m a big believer in ‘everything happens for a reason’… even though it’s hard to believe it sometimes. I wish you the best.

  7. Surely the nativity/atheist or Wagner/Opera-hater issues are solved by your neighbour only buying their house if they have a caveat over neighbouring properties that prohibit things that annoy them.Why did they buy a House which didn't benefit from such a caveat if they wanted to avoid nativity scenes (nude or not) or Opera?

  8. I love pumpkin rolls and your recipe looks fabulous! I'm going to add it to my recipe lineup for the month. I may be making it with homemade pumpkin puree though, since I haven't been able to find pumpkin puree at all!

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  11. This blog made my day. By chance I just the other day became a Fan of yours on Facebook; not a Friend, mind you, as I was in a quandary myself about the whole Friend/Fan dilemma. Could I ask JRB to be my Friend? Na – too weird- so I became a Fan. I am a Fan, let it be known! And who knows, the theater world is so small, maybe one day (I’m guessing you’d be quite up in the alphabet by then) I might make the jump. Keep it up dude you rock!

  12. Fair enough, but I’m tired of people saying measurement cannot work, just because there are examples (or they imagine ones) of imperfect models or methods.For example I wouldn’t be shocked if improvement in 4th grade was of some use predicting improvement in 5th grade. We could model that.

  13. ahh those are the cutest notebooks ever! especially love the 1st one! yehh i think i need some cute notebooks to brighten up my studying, but they tend to have not that many pages :/ so i use the boring onesahh morning glory, we used to have 2 in the city but they have now closed down we have artbox but it’s soooo expensive![]

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  16. Awwww…the pink lady is so dang cute with those glasses! And I blurted out a doozy of a swear word today when someone wouldn’t let me merge and my daughter, in her infinite wisdom, offered me a kid-friendly alternative. PS: I’m closing Moonshine soon. Don’t forget to update your Blogroll with my new address 🙂

  17. Oh Neil, you do seem unusual. Isn’t the reason most men like fake boobs, presicely because they look fake?Every porn model I’ve ever known (and I’ve known a handful) had to get her tits and even genitals out whenever they went to a club. It’s really quite sad, that desperate need for attention, that leads them to flash their bits and bobs to all and sundry.

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  23. As usual, Gale sums up just what I was thinking, but much more eloquently than I could have.Sometimes there are days when I spend so much time hugging my 1- and 3- year olds that I forget to shower my favorite 34-year old with affection. And I totally agree that we parents need to model affection for our kids. But that display seems out of scale to me, especially given their daughter’s reaction.

  24. Sono con Tortuga, anche se nella mia tradizione un Vescovo che dall’esterno vegli sulle comunità è cosa buona e giusta. Proprio per tutelare che si trova dentro quelle comunità.Il segreto è cambiare la società “fuori” senza operare per cambiarla ma solo vivendo in modo altro.Tutto il resto sono stronzate e violenza.

  25. I wish I had read this post prior to buying my vacuum. I just went to Walmart and bought the cheapest one I could find, and I’m definitely regretting that now. While it works to suck up the dust, the filters just don’t do a good enough job of preventing the dust from re-entering the air. I find every time I vacuum, my dust allergies are worse than before I cleaned!

  26. Ett rött läppstift är nu inhandlat! Vilken djungel av rött det fanns. Jeez. Eller ja, det var ju en djungel av både läppstift och färger, jag som använt lypsyl i alla år och inte ägnat läppstiften någon uppmärksamhet. Det är en helt ny värld som öppnat sig. :)Det vore jättekul med ett inlägg med tips och trix för läpparna.Tack fina ni för svaret. Och peppen!

  27. Geachte,Ik ben van mening dat soortgelijke gebeurtenissen niet ongestraft mogen voorbij gaan,Onaanvaardbaar zijn zulke daden, ik wens dat de schuldige onmensen niet ongestraft zullen blijven, en de dieren betere rechten zullen krijgen in alle opzichten, want zij hebben geen stem en zijn eveneens voelbaar als wij.

  28. I bought the DVD but I probably won’t buy the Bad 25 box set. I refuse to keep buying the same music over and over. My favorite new song is Song Grove a/k/a Abortion Papers I think it should be released as a single…..the rest of the new songs are just okay imo……I do wish they would play some of them on the radio though.

  29. Thanks, Judy! This was a fun exercise. One of the things I’d like to see develop is a node connection service. Visualizing the connections and value of “concepts” from books and research in a clear and followable path seems like it could have value. You know when you find something uber valuable in a book, how you’re making a connection with something else? Wouldn’t it be cool to map those connections together in a meaningful way? I think so.

  30. Youre so right. Im there with you. Your blog is certainly worth a read if anybody comes throughout it. Im lucky I did because now Ive got a whole new view of this. I didnt realise that this issue was so important and so universal. You surely put it in perspective for me.

  31. zut, j’ai acheté du bio, des leds, des jouets « Ã©quitables » aujourd’hui….faut que je surcompense donc, heureusement, plein d’idées dans les commentaires, merci les gens (je vais commencer par surchauffer la maison tout en aérant chaque pièce)

  32. I know, trust me, my handwriting is horrible. Growing up my teachers always told my parents Kari is such a sweet girl….you would NEVER guess her handwriting looked like that. Even today, mine is worse than my kids! Eeek, I'll stick to typing for sure.

  33. Jonas du får gärna ta ett annat exempel än just Mecka, då Saudi är en av de värsta diktaturerna som finns, så är inte det ett bra exempel. Säg mig, får du vistas på hemligt militärt område? Får du vistas på privat egendom? Vi har många förbud mot att duf år vistas fritt i Sverige, varför skulle just Mecka vara annorlunda? Vilka religiösa lagar är det jag ropar på som är brottsliga i det här landet?

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  38. Hi Jess! Oh my gosh – we had some hiccups on the USA site last week which affected the final curtain call! We had to take it down for a little bit to fix the problem. It’ll be up and running again really soon – thanks so much for your patience!

  39. 08/05/2011 – 7:20pmPorque la tercera plaza de UEFA Europa League, normalmente, corresponde al campeón de Copa del Rey. Si la final la juegan un equipo que va a Champions y otro que queda séptimo o por debajo de este puesto, es ése último el que va a la Europa League, pero si pasa como este año, que los dos finalistas de Copa han sido dos equipos que van a Champions, entonces la plaza de la Copa se otorga al séptimo clasificado.

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  43. i see myself celebrating it with my husband and son or maybe another baby when i turn 40 (10 yrs away!) and would love to have my parents, sisters & fam and bro & fam with me but that will be a bit tricky as eldest lives in texas, second elder lives in london, third elder lives in doha and bro in nepal…..i can still wish tho, right? 😉 don't want to think about my funeral…yet but i hope it will be before anyone's whom i dearly love. :((~ash's mum

  44. Yes it does doesn’t it Joanne.The McGuinty brothers are now toast in Ontario and pretty much the ROC.The LPOC might think Baby Trudeau is the answer to their prayers but seriously I think their brand is SOOOO toxic that they’re kidding themselves.I’m liking Garneau’s chances more and more.

  45. Wrong, 80% of law courses are boilerplate from Harvard to West South Dakota School of Law. All lawyers must pass the bar exam, so only in the last year do they delve heavily into electives.Wrong. One colleague from HLS ’90 reported that at Harvard she took just one semester of torts!

  46. , all the comments have been written in such an excellent and detailed fashion by Sheila and Sara V. I’ll be back to check on PA street. Maybe will have one more poem and comments on work yet to be posted. Everyone all your work is superb!!!!

  47. Galya dit :Merde j’étais pas bourrée , un phénomène paranormal s’est produit quand j’ai écrit ça c’est le smirting qui donne des idées chelou, ah ben maintenant on dit que ça fait gratos de smirter sur le trottoir, faut savoir à la fin, faut smirter ou pas, c’est hype ou pas? Moi je m’y mets pas si ça fait pétasse tenons nous le pour dit!

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  49. I’m glad I’m not the only one already getting tired of Bill Simmons’ “Free Love” schtick. I think the most obnoxious thing about it is…Love’s probably our best player, and you want him to go play for someone else? Come on, he’s the best thing we’ve got! Leave us a bone here in Minnesota! Honestly, in terms of a draw to go watch the Wolves play, Love is it for me, because I really enjoy watching him work the glass.

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  51. The single BEST reason not to use CFL's is the high mercury content in them. A broken bulb in a household, or many in the landfill, causes serious risks of exposure to mercury, a known neurotoxin, carcinogen, and teratogen. Modern society must move away from mercury rather than putting in every room in our homes!

  52. "Lack the teeth to force residents to keep the trails open' Force residents… I repeat 'force residents'…. Abboud is going to force residents……….  That alone should be reason enough not to vote for this creep.  Little Bobby is going to rewrite the constitution of the United States now?  It's time to force him out of office.   

  53. There are so many decisions to consider. I really think that you should give it a shot or else you will always wonder "what if." I know it is a big gamble and believe me, I understand so so well. But, for all the negatives, there is a positive and there is a very good chance it will work out. As for the needles, if you ever need help, I can come over every day and give them to you. 🙂 Bottom line, you just have to follow your heart. It won't steer you wrong. Love you girl!!

  54. I have this treadmill…love it, except a few weeks ago the belt started slipping, we tightened the belt and it worked for a day or so…now with the correct tension the belt does not move, motor runs and everything on the display works as if I’m actually walking or running on it, but absolutely no belt movement. I’ve only had the machine for 7 mths…any suggestions?

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  56. 02 Sep 23, 2010 1:20 pm Bri What do you think about all those Steam Fresh veggies that steam in the bag in the microwave? The convenience factor is nice, but all I can think about is all the plasticides that are getting in the food.

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  60. Professional photographers have an easy time of photographing professional birds–this goes without saying (spoken like a true unreliable narrator). The trick for the non-professional is to find non-professional birds (not part of any recognized ornithological guild) and to immortalize them in the colors of an everyday, charm-filled world.

  61. “Zionism is not about settler vs Arab in Palestine, but Jew vs gentile everywhere. The Jewish people, the basic Zionist premise, commissions Israel’s crimes, here and in Palestine.”In other words, justice for Palestine isn’t about what some Jews have done in the Middle East, but existentially about the nature of Jews, Jewish thought and practice through the ages.Phil, you taking notes here? Any concerns at all?

  62. You look great! That’s awesome that you’ve only gained 5 pounds! I’ve gained at least 25, I think. And I already started with an “outie” belly button, so mine is definitely “ewww” now! Haha. I’m 33 weeks and next week with be the first time I go to appointments every 2 weeks, so your Dr. must start doing that a lot sooner! I gotta admit, I’m ready for the aches and pains of pregnancy to be over!

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  64. Doesn’t really concern me. It would concern me if I were getting paid for the writing, but in that case I’d have an editor to correct everything. For some reason, it does bother me when people write « MLK » numerous times in a piece of writing rather than « Dr. King. » I think the man’s life earned the honorific prefix.

  65. glad you didn’t die,i woke up from a coma and knew nothing of what happened.i was totally lost. at least you have glasses,i can’t afford those now.you rode the light,be grateful,sorry about your wounds,will go away soon,i lost oxygen and now have brain damage due to it all,but I am still here to see all this fun, congrats for making it ! welcome back

  66. Nydelig bilde av din lille friluftsjente ♥Og Anine, du er tøff!Og du er flink, fantastisk flink, og jeg beundrer deg, bloggen din, hjemmet ditt, jobben din for Sandvika og jepp, jeg digger og komme pÃ¥ besøk her inne pÃ¥ din blogg!Takk for mange herlige innlegg og flott inspirasjon!Og gratulerer med Ã¥ ha klart og bygge opp denne herlige bloggen OG til og med tjene penger – jippi:))Keep it up!Klem Line

  67. Not going to recap this mess with the TWolves tomorrow, tho I’m tempted. But I’d just be repeating myself. Leave it like this: this would have been a completely different game if coached by Nelson.But hey, we won the rebounding battle!

  68. In all honesty, nothing that any Turk has ever accomplished in all of recorded human history would hold a candle to what Europe was doing in the "early 17th Century".I mean – seriously – WFT?!? – is the Frankfurt School sending out trolls to iSteve?LOL nOtice how the lefty race hustlers always think races and civilization can be superior to the west (the familiar 'when the British were painting themselves blue" punchline) but all races and civilizations are equal when comparing say western art and architecture and african mud huts.

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  70. Ok, your race report made me laugh. I forgot to include all the randoms about the walkers, strollers, dogs, and kids in mine. I kept tripped over those damn kids in the blue shirts. I even told my friend, those damn kids. I evne elbowed my friend with my Garmin trying to get through. I was not impressed.I still need to do my Carlsbad report.And you are crazy running both ways.

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